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Mailing Address:

6428 Wilkinson Blvd


Belmont, NC 28021


Site Location:

8824-E Bellhaven Blvd

Charlotte, NC



Hours of Operation:

Monday - Friday

7am - 6:30pm


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Office Hours

Monday - Friday  

 7am - 6:30pm


We are no longer offering Before & After School Care

now offering k-12 tutoring services

literacy, math, homework help

corrective reading program

free assessments

one-on-one sessions

small group sessions


Our before school program begins at 7am. Students who attend will have an option to eat breakfast and participate in free time. They are then transported to school.


Students who attend our after school program receive an afternoon snack, homework assistance and an opportunity to either relax, play table games, video games and participate in organized free play. It is our priority that students complete their homework and required reading each day. We encourage students to participate in inspiration time, group activities and Zumba. 


Parents have the luxury of picking up their children until 6:30pm.



Honor Roll Students are acknowledged 


quarterly for their stupendous efforts.















Interested in any of our programs?
If you have additional questions or would like to register for our programs, please contact us by completing our contact information form, or by calling 704 200-9021.

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