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About Us

Our Mission  


To provide parents and their children with quality care, professionalism and extended hours. As parents work, we provide them with a peace of mind in knowing their children are in a safe and nurturing environment. We strive to teach children how to use self-control, discipline and kindness. Our mission is for children to develop good character, teamwork, independence, good social skills and responsibility.


Our Core Values 


  • High Expectations: We hold our students and ourselves to high standards.
  • Integrity: Be honest, ethical and respectful of others and ourselves.
  • Accountability: Set clear goals and measure results.
  • Self-Motivated: Teach children to be self-motivated learners.
  • Partnership: Partner with parents, educators and the community to support students’ with learning and in accomplishing goals.
  • Interaction: Helping children learn and grow through healthy interaction.
  • Environment: Provide a caring, nurturing and safe environment.
  • Discipline: Provide discipline and structure so children can meet the highest success possible.
  • Professionalism: Provide service to the highest professional standard.
  • Affordability: Provide parents with affordable rates.

We realize bullying has become a serious problem amongst children, while in school, out of school, even online and through text messaging. More than 200 million children all over the world are being harassed which causes trauma to both the child and parents. Bullying can cause children to fail in school, become depressed and have suicidal tendencies which can often result in physical manifestations.


Some children are even unwilling to talk about it. Therefore, we have a no bullying policy at Kidz Rock. We have an open door policy allowing children and parents to talk about possible cases of bullying and unwelcoming acts of aggression.



Interested in any of our programs?
If you have additional questions or would like to register for our programs, please contact us by completing our contact information form, or by calling 704-200-9021.

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